Full degree students

Full degree students

The Faculty of Economics offers two full degree English-language bachelor’s programmes to international students: 

Probably the first issue you will examine when deciding at which higher education institution to study is the prospective university’s academic offer. To make an informed choice, visit our Studies page, where you will be able to gain more knowledge about ELTE GTK’s English-language bachelor programmes, the courses, the workload, the assessment system, and more.

Naturally, another major consideration for all prospective students is how you will finance your education. By default, ELTE GTK’s degree programmes are self-financed programmes with a tuition fee to be paid every semester. ELTE GTK currently offers no scholarships for full-time studies. Prospective long-term students may be eligible for some non-faculty support schemes. One such opportunity is the prestigious Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship programme (SH), founded by the Hungarian government in 2013, which offers scholarships to applicants with excellent academic records from nearly 90 countries. We also recommend that you look for opportunities (government loans, study scholarships, etc.) in your country of birth and/or residence.

Finally, prospective students’ decision may also be influenced by how straightforward the application process is. Applying to ELTE GTK is simple and can be carried out fully online. The academic expectations and the form and content of the admissions exams for the self-financed and the scholarship programmes are similar and are described in detail below. The most significant difference lies in the application platforms: aspiring self-financed students apply directly to the University, while potential scholarship holders use the Stipendium Hungaricum application platform.

For information on the enrolment events and the required documentation, go to Enrolment. To learn about your pre-arrival tasks and to find out about Budapest transport and how to reach our Campus, go to Practical matters. Once enrolled, you will often visit the Current Students’ page to learn about the various administrative tasks and opportunities you as an ELTE GTK student have, and the services the University and the Faculty offer you.