Bachelor’s Programmes

Bachelor’s Programmes

The Faculty of Economics (ELTE GTK) offers English, bilingual, and Hungarian-language bachelor’s programmes to both international and local students. Our programmes will appeal to young people who aspire for a bright career and are prepared to take an active role in shaping their future.  

We offer bachelor’s programmes which cover all the important areas of the economy and provide countless learning opportunities to those who …

… want to become a promising and reliable employee in a modern company, a team player, a specialist in a particular field, or a successful manager.

…would like to become a versatile and confident professional who has not only all the necessary factual and applied knowledge in such key areas as economics, law, HRM, etc., but also the soft and transversal skills and competencies which are indispensable in a 21st century workplace like critical thinking, negotiation skills, organisational and IT-skills and many more.  

… fully understand the macro- and micro interests shaping the business world and its entities, want to meet the challenges with confidence and a capacity to grow and adapt to new scenarios. 

… understand the operations of a company, the links between its distinct divisions, the viewpoints of both an employer and employee, and can proactively contribute to the success of both a multinational and a national company.

…. would like to contribute to successful teams in their workplace while simultaneously building their own career and gaining respect from others…

… want to utilise the excellent language skills acquired during their studies and their exchange semester, as well as the first-hand business experience gained during their internship in their future professional life.  

If you are a future business professional with the qualities and aspirations described above, ELTE GTK currently offers you a choice of four bachelor’s programmes in the field of economics and business, namely

  • International Business Economics (English or bilingual Hungarian programme)
  • Finance and Accounting (English or bilingual Hungarian programme)
  • Economics and Management (bilingual Hungarian programme)
  • Trade and Marketing (bilingual Hungarian programme)

The Faculty also runs a fifth Hungarian programme in cooperation with other ELTE faculties, called Engineering Management. This programme currently accepts no new students.

In the next sections, you will read about the shared qualities of our programmes which set us apart from other higher educational institutions offering bachelor’s degrees in similar fields. We hope you find them appealing.

If, afterwards, you would also like to obtain more information on our two English full-degree programmes, follow these links:  


Business, economics, and management studies are among the most popular ones these days. As a result, thousands of students earn bachelor’s degrees in these fields around the world annually. Therefore, those who want to succeed in their career, need to be able to prove that, besides the expected basic qualifications, they can also offer their future employers much sought-after specialised knowledge in some business areas and soft and transversal skills, which are indispensable for modern professionals. By guaranteeing high-quality education in both English and Hungarian and by offering a wide selection of specialised elective courses, project work (thesis) topics, and a compulsory internship course to our students, ELTE GTK nurtures the highly trained and experiences business elite of the 21st century.


With their future career in mind, students enrolled at ELTE GTK have a unique opportunity to tailor their education both in terms of its language and focus at no extra cost, as will be shown below. It is also reassuring to know that the four BA programmes shown above share several essential business subjects in the first two semesters, which allows students to switch between the programmes if they want to review their original choice. 

An important point about language is that the first two of the above programmes (International Business Economics and Finance and Accounting) are offered both as English and bilingual Hungarian degree programmes. The third and the fourth are Hungarian degree programmes with a bilingual option, where Hungarian speakers study a smaller or larger selection of their courses in English, thereby improving their English language skills and ensuring better employment opportunities in the future.  See more in the section “Hungarian meets English” below. 

Focus and specialisation: By offering options in some subject areas and the thesis topic, the individual programmes also offer several alternatives to students to cater for their interests within their individual programmes and to customise their studies to boost their employment prospects in a highly competitive market. As an ELTE GTK student 

  • you can choose two out of eight elective subjects in the social sciences field
  • you can choose one of four elective subjects in informatics
  • and you can choose one out of seven elective subjects in business law. 
  • you can choose from around fifty different topics for your project work (the stepping stone to your thesis).

On top of the above compulsory elective courses, you can also choose some so-called free elective subjects from courses offered by other ELTE GTK programmes or even by any ELTE faculties. These courses, dealing with topics as wide-ranging as ancient Egyptian gods and biotechnology, will open a window to other study areas, and will also allow you to satisfy your insatiable curiosity about the world. 


Half of the courses on the bachelor programmes (around 40 courses in total) are offered in both English and Hungarian. This provides a unique opportunity to both Hungarian and international students to customise their studies. Fully English, fully Hungarian, and dual language opportunities exist. 

All international students on the International Business Economics and the Finance and Accounting BA programmes study their courses in English, and they do so with the most enthusiastic Hungarian students, with whom they share the motivation to grow personally and to improve their future career prospects by studying in English. If, however, out of personal interest or for future employment considerations, international students wish to improve their Hungarian skills during their studies in Budapest, they can attend Hungarian language classes organised by the University. Check ELTE’s Hungarian language courses for more information.

Hungarian students can study their courses either fully in Hungarian or English, or they can combine the courses in the two languages to suit their language proficiency level. By studying an increasing number of courses in English every semester, not only can they learn more about their fellow international students and their business attitudes and cultures, but they can also gradually strengthen their English-language competences. These combined factors will ensure that they face better employment opportunities upon graduation.

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