Current Students

Current Students

Whether you are a full-degree student or an Erasmus+ exchange or guest student, the aim of this section is to give you an overview of the most important administrative tasks and opportunities you have, and the services the University and the Faculty offer you during your studies at ELTE GTK. (For additional details concerning matters which are relevant already before arrival, e.g., visa and residence permit, housing, and insurance, go to Prospective Students/Practical matters/Before your arrival.)

This page consists of two parts: in the top section, you will see information that is specific to our Faculty, while the icons below will take you to the duties and opportunities relevant to all ELTE students.

Additional details concerning matters important already before arrival (e.g. visa and residence permit, housing, and insurance), go to Prospective Students/Practical matters/Before your arrival.

After your arrival

Services and support