Practical matters

Practical Matters


This page contains information on various practical matters related to future full-degree and visiting international students. Scroll down and find out what you need to know and do before and very soon after you arrive in Budapest including matters like visa, residence permit/registration certificate, accommodation, health insurance, to transportation and access to our faculty building. ELTE’s Walk Podcasts also address questions (accommodation, visa, etc.) most prospective and currents students would like answered. And if you are curious about your new “home”, what to see and how to get by in the local language, click on these links: Budapest and Hungary.

Information which may be of interest to you already before arrival, but which will also be invaluable throughout your studies has been collected on the Current Students page. Go there to read, on the one hand, about faculty-specific matters like the timetable (and how to personalise it), midterms, and exams and, on the other hand, about the institutional academic calendar, IT and other support, the mentoring system, life management and career services and various opportunities (e.g. sports, language, culture) open to all ELTE students. Finally, do not forget to familiarise yourself with the Academic Regulations governing all students’ life and studies.

Note: While the International Office of the Faculty of Economics is prepared to assist students in many of the above areas, issues like housing, IT support, and some others are handled centrally, at university level.

Before your arrival