Department of Marketing and Argumentation

Department of Marketing and Argumentation


Dr. Benedek Láng professor, head of department
Dr. János Tanács associate professor, deputy head of department


Dr. Margit Berki-Süle assistant professor
Dr. Ibolya Brávácz assistant professor,
Dr. Gábor Forrai professor
Dr. Erika Hlédik associate professor
Dr. Mária Magyar assistant lecturer
Dr. Tibor Mandják professor emeritus
Dr. Tihamér Margitay professor
Dr. Gábor Á. Zemplén professor

Mission and research interests

Members of the Department have expertise in marketing research, dialogue and discourse analysis, argumentation and persuasion research. and applied epistemology. Our teaching focus is on understanding consumer behaviour and on innovative research methods in Marketing, as well as the development of communication skills, especially negotiation, argumentation, and persuasion.

Our current research projects:

  • Segmentation research (multi-dimensional research methods)
  • Consumer behaviour research (focus on preferences, in collaboration with Radboud University, NL)
  • Industrial Business Marketing (B2B, in collaboration with Ecole de Management de Normandie, F) 
  • Argumentation- and policy-analysis in the framework of EU COST Action CA 17132: "European network for Argumentation and Public PoLicY analysis" (APPLY)