Nearly 150 GTK Students Awarded Erasmus Mobility for AY 2023-24

Nearly 150 GTK Students Awarded Erasmus Mobility for AY 2023-24
The spring (main) Erasmus application period is now over, and it proved to be a great success in terms of the number of submitted applications. The winners at the Faculty of Economics have been selected and the nomination process has started. The final decision will be made by ELTE HOMB based on the faculty’s recommendation.

More than 250 students applied to our partner universities during this spring’s main Erasmus application period. This brings the total number of applications received to 700, which is a new record in the Faculty’s history.

This year, the Faculty of Economics had 204 places in a total of 53 partner institutions. Nearly 150 students were awarded the Erasmus+ mobility grant in the main application process, while 14 students are now on the reserve list.

The most popular countries were Spain, Italy, Germany, and Portugal. As the attached graph shows, applications to universities in these countries exceeded the number of available places considerably.

Many of the applications were rejected on formal grounds. Therefore, below you will find some tips and best practices to help with your next application. Please note that following our advice will make your chances of winning a mobility higher but it will not guarantee it alone.

  • Carefully study the list of our partner universities, the number of places available at each university, as well as their programmes (e.g., the structure of the academic year, course lists of previous semesters, language requirements and language courses, etc.). “Fact sheets” published by the various universities on their websites, which contain information on a particular academic year, may be a good starting point to learn all you need to know in advance. GTK’s Student Union may also be able to help you with this.
  • If you choose a wider range of countries (and not just the most popular universities) as your target in your application, you will have a better chance of studying abroad.
  • Find out more about our Faculty specifics by reading everything on the Faculty website and attending the information session.

Feel free to ask questions either by email ( or in person at the Iinternational Office during office hours. We will be happy to help in any way we can.

During the autumn semester, there will another round of applications for the remaining places or for places at our new partner universities. You can find out more about this opportunity on the Faculty’s website.

Congratulations to the winners and we wish all future candidates flawless applications and good luck.