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The International Office team is dedicated to offer advice and assistance to current and prospective international students. Below you will find information on 

The Team

Vice-Dean for International Affairs

Director of Foreign Affairs

International Academic Adviser

International Coordinator

International Student Coordinator

International Coordinator

Vice-President for International Affairs
Faculty of Economics Student Union (GTK HÖK)

Ms Réka Judit BOROS
Representative for Foreign Students
Faculty of Economics Student Union (GTK HÖK)

Mr Tamás JUNG
Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor
Faculty of Economics Student Union (GTK HÖK)

Contact us

The most convenient and efficient way to contact the International Office team is by email. Please use the email address most appropriate to your enquiry from the list below. Current and prospective students are kindly asked to use their student group’s email address.

In-person enquiries can be made at the International Office on Campus during the following office hours:

  • Teaching period: Tuesday 9:45-12:00 and 13:00-15:00, Thursday 9:45-12:00
  • Exam periods and holidays: by appointment only (Current students, please use the scheduler in Moodle. Others, please write an email.)

Current students can make an appointment in Moodle, while others are requested to write an email.

How to find us?


ELTE Faculty of Economics
1088 Budapest, Rákóczi út 7., Building Q

The Campus

Finding our building (Building Q) can be a little challenging the first time you are visiting us. The campus map below will help you locate our main building and the International Office.

Building Q is located on ELTE’s Astoria Campus. The closest metro station is Astoria (Metro 2, otherwise called “the red line”). From the corner of Rákóczi út / Rákóczi Road and Múzeum körút / Museum Boulevard, you can access Building Q from two directions:

  1. from Múzeum körút / Museum Boulevard (two gates): enter through Trefort-kert / Trefort Garden and approach Building Q following the dots on the map. 
  2. from Rákóczi út / Rákóczi Road: enter through Building R (Rákóczi út 5. / Rákóczi Road 5) and then turn left as you leave the building and arrive in Trefort-kert / Trefort Garden. Building Q will be on the left. 

Either way, look for the green iron gate, follow along the corridor and turn right to arrive in the courtyard of Building Q.

Please note that entry to Building Q from Rákóczi út 7. / Rákóczi Road 7 (the historic main entrance) is restricted.

The International Office is located in Building Q, on the ground floor, off the courtyard, next to the Student Lounge.

Further ELTE Faculty of Economics facilities in and outside Building Q:

  • Registrar’s Office: Building Q, ground floor
  • Classrooms and lecture halls:
    • on the 1st, 3rd, and 4th floors of Building Q
    • lecture halls MT and PP in the “Gólyavár / Stork’s Castle” building on Astoria Campus (marked by “G” on the map)
    • in Building P, (Rákóczi út 15.), and
    • “R aula” lecture hall on the ground floor of Building R (Rákóczi út 5.)
  • Exam Centre: Szentkirályi utca 1. / Szentkirályi Street 1 (marked by “Sz” on the map)
  • Video Library (with quiet study area): ground floor of Building R, Rákóczi út 5.
  • Student lounge: on the ground floor of Building Q, off the courtyard (2 rooms), also in Building P (Rákóczi út 15.)
  • Student kitchens: ground, 1st and 3rd floors of Building Q, also in Building P (Rákóczi út 15.)
  • Screens with the timetable and other information: Building Q entry corridora nd also in Builing P (Rákóczi út 15.)
  • Café Könyvtár Klub & Kert: in Trefort-kert / Trefort Garden (Astoria Campus)
  • ELTE shop and photocopier: ground floor in Building R, Rákóczi út 5.
  • Quaestura Office of Student Services: 1053 Budapest, Egyetem tér 5. 
  • Library (Egyetemi Könyvtár és Levéltár): 1053 Budapest, Ferenciek tere 6.