ACCA recognition: exemption from exams and reduced fees

ACCA recognition: exemption from exams and reduced fees
As it was announced in February (New ACCA Recognition), the Finance and Accounting BA programme of the Faculty of Economics (ELTE GTK) has been accredited by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). The accreditation was presented at a special on-campus ceremony during which an agreement providing significant benefits for students was also signed.

At the event, ACCA was represented by its Regional Business Relationship Manager. Pavel Prochazka gave a brief overview of the Association, which is the world's most prestigious professional body in the field of finance and accounting and which is characterised by its high degree of flexibility and its continuous support to ACCA members in the form of a job portal, career days, continuous training, and more.

Those present at the event also learned that to obtain ACCA membership, students must pass thirteen English-language examinations out of fifteen. All exams are in complex and difficult modules: eleven modules are compulsory and two additional modules must be chosen out of four optional ones. As a result of the accreditation, ELTE GTK’s Finance and Accounting BA students are exempt from five of the above examinations if they pass the required GTK courses in English, and they pay significantly reduced exam fees for the remaining ones, as well.

The accreditation document was presented by ACCA’s representative to ELTE GTK’s Dean, Dr Tihamér Margitay, who pointed out that the accreditation of one of ELTE’s programmes by ACCA, who are well-known for their exceptional training in the field finance and accounting, is a testament to the outstanding education the Faculty provides. The best proof of this excellence is the fact that ELTE GTK’s Finance and Accounting BA programme is the only Hungarian bachelor’s programme to have earned five exemptions from ACCA’s examinations. Dr Margitay also called attention to the financial benefits available to students resulting from the agreement that was signed before the ceremony. It is important to remember that the Association not only provides students with globally recognised first-class training and a competitive advantage in the job market worldwide via its qualification and membership, but the current accreditation will also offer students considerable financial and other gains during their studies and beyond. 

ACCA continuously supports its university partners with professional workshops and other events which help improve the skills and knowledge of the participants and which attract and engage members. During the meeting which followed the ceremony, the next steps for the ACCA-ELTE GTK cooperation were also discussed.