Department of Comparative Economics

Department of Comparative Economics


Dr. Ákos Dombi associate professor, head of department
Dr. Tamás E. Pál assistant professor, deputy head of department


Dr. Zoltán Galántai associate professor
Dr. László György assistant professor
Dr. Márk Molnár associate professor
Dr. Imre Tarafás professor emeritus
Dr. József Veress professor emeritus

Mission and research interests

Our Department is involved in different fields of comparative economics such as economic policy, economic history, economic development, international political economy, international economics and finances, and econometrics. We do believe that comparative economics is not just a narrowly defined field of economics but the set of those disciplines which compose the necessary building blocks of sound economic studies comparing different economic systems, policies, and their outcomes. We are committed to build on the synergies these traditionally separately treated fields of economics can offer when bringing them together under the shield of the same research projects with a comparative perspective. 

Our colleagues dispose of well-established business and academic experiences. Our Department is active in both domestic and foreign research activities, and the results – when possible – are integrated in our courses offered. Currently, six research projects are running in the following topics: 

  1. Unconventional monetary policies in the post-Lehman period: evidence from Europe and the USA;
  2. Income inequality and poverty: measurement and economic effects;
  3. Hungarian economic policy: determinations of the past, perspectives of the future;
  4. Public debt and economic growth
    (in collaboration with the Eszterházy Károly University);
  5. State capitalism and economic development
    (in collaboration with the Poznan University of Economics and Business);
  6. The deep cultural and historical roots of economic development
    (in collaboration with the Freie Universitaet Berlin).