When traveler souls meet

Szabó Zoé Júlia | 2023.02.14.
When traveler souls meet
University is not only a place for studying but also for gaining the first work experiences, joining student’s clubs and building valuable friendships – or even relationships. Let’s meet with the bachelor students Ann and Matyi who live a rich international life at our Faculty.

Ann arrived from Vietnam to Budapest, Matyi lived in Pincehely when he started his university studies. Why did you choose the Faculty of Economics of ELTE

Matyi: From an early age the subject of Geography fascinated me, especially the social and economic parts of Geography. In my high school years, under the guidance of my mother, I have dived deeper in this field by participating in many competitions. In my senior year in high school, I was determined to pursue an Economics degree. Amongst various universities, the Faculty of Economics Open day impressed me the most due to the reputation of ELTE, the flexibility of the training and the friendliness of teachers, which helped me make up my mind immediately.

Ann: Business, Economics, Accounting, and Finance are subjects in which I am interested. I believed studying at the Faculty of Economics would give me profound knowledge and first-hand experience in these fields. The strong and practical research background of professors in the Faculty of Economics made me more confident in my decision. The faculty’s international setting is a plus point because I would love to experience it from an early stage of my education.

Which role played the university that you found together as a couple

Studying in the same university ensures the same educational background and mindset for us. It is not only the place where we found each other but also a common ground for our development as a couple. As we are more involved in activities at ELTE, we are more bonded in terms of our passion, thinking and future orientation.

Besides your studies, already in your second year at the GTK you joined the International Office as student workers. What kind of experiences did you gain here

Matyi: From the International Office I gained a lot of management experience of foreign students. In addition to administrative duties, I can deliberately suggest creative ways to improve the efficiency of the procedures. The International Office also provides me with a familiar environment, where you can also gain insight into the internal workings of the university.

Ann: Working in the International Office develops my understanding and empathy towards other students. Besides, I have gained great insights in the university administration process by assisting professors and study coordinators. I can also learn problem-solving techniques and systematic thinking from the coordinators in the Office when they handle problems. 

Numerous students from abroad choose our Faculty and Ann works specially on connecting foreign and Hungarian people with each other. Ann, what do you think, what helps the most in this process?

Ann: I find the well-connectedness of our Faculty within ELTE helpful in bridging the gap between international students and their Hungarian counterparts. Coordinators at both levels are extremely attentive to their students’ needs. Without this support system, I could not have cooperated with representatives from the ELTE HÖK and GTK HÖK. It would be better if there was more inclusion of internationals in the students’ association so every voice could be heard. I hope that the coordinators from ELTE and the GTK continue to create more common ground on which different nationals can contribute to the university environment.

Matyi, you as a person who loves travelling, what is your opinion about this topic from the Hungarian side

Matyi: For me, travelling is mostly about opening up to new and unfamiliar things. I love to travel because I can meet people with unique perspectives, as the clash of ideas always brings more colors to life. It is even better at the Faculty of Economics where I can easily learn from my foreign classmates without having to go above and beyond. As amazing and eye-opening experience is it, it also changes my life for the better as I am becoming a global citizen. 

A question to you both: What kind of plans and goals do you have for this year?

We plan to explore many new countries together as well as motivate each other to reach our goals for the year. Plus, one of our major goals is to contribute to the university through our current positions as Stipendium Hungaricum mentors. We also want to facilitate our personal growth through new experiences in and outside of ELTE.