Stage 2 in the admissions exams for Stipendium Hungaricum applicants

Stage 2 in the admissions exams for Stipendium Hungaricum applicants
The first part of the admissions exams for prospective Stipendium Hungaricum students took place on Monday, 3 April. On the day of the exam, applicants were given a chance to choose the most suitable time to devote 60 minutes to the tasks designed to test their level of English proficiency, mathematical and logical skills.   

Those who successfully completed the various tasks will have an online oral exam / interview between 17-19 April (Monday-Wednesday). Students have been sent information on the details by email. 

It is highly important that applicants have a calm environment, a stable internet connection, as well as a working microphone and a camera ready for the interview. They are also kindly asked to have their passport / photo ID at hand to allow the interviewer to identify them. 

Prospective students can expect to be asked questions about their background, motivation, and interests to assess their eligibility to study at ELTE GTK. Some questions may also be posed about the written exam, and candidates will also be given a chance to enquire about studying at ELTE GTK, university life, teaching, housing, living in Hungary, etc. 

Good luck with the oral exam!

(Future self-financed students can apply until 7 May 2023. Their admissions exams are scheduled for mid-late May. Details are available on the website and candidates will be contacted after the application deadline by email.)