Join BGA now: Ben Maheson’s presentation inspires GTK student

Join BGA now: Ben Maheson’s presentation inspires GTK student
Ben Maheson, Membership and Account Manager for the Business Graduates Association (BGA) gave online presentations to students at ELTE Faculty of Economics in mid-April. An international student shares her positive impressions.

I am Hagar Walid Sabek, a student at the Faculty of Economics, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE GTK), studying Finance and Accounting BSc. Students of the Faculty Of Economics (GTK) recently had the pleasure to have Ben Maheson, the Membership Account Manager of Business Graduates Association (BGA), give a presentation to us about BGA and briefly introduce us to the many student benefits that come along with joining the BGA family. 

After the impressive presentation by Ben Maheson, I would like to share with you my experience and overwhelming first impression about all the unimaginable benefits BGA provides us students. 

Firstly, and most importantly, BGA offers all students of the Faculty of Economics a lifetime free membership, with no hidden fees, where we can access many tools that help us improve our future steps in our studies and even after graduating!

Now onto the actual process. Starting from the very beginning, the registration process and access to the BGA’s members portal could not be easier or any faster. From my personal experience, I was able to register and access everything within minutes. The required information was very clear and straightforward (thanks to Ben for giving us an insight on what to fill in beforehand). 

After the successful registration it was time to explore the website and try all the different programs BGA has got to offer us. The website was very easy to manage and not to mention the tens of different languages that were available for translating the page! I soon reached the membership page (that can be accessed through the menu under ‘students and graduates’) and got excited to try out everything starting from the career development center (CDC) (where you can access the various services such as building a powerful CV, finding suitable jobs, assessing your career path, and much more) all the way to the professional development webinarssocial and learning events, and the partner discounts section (where we can get discounts on car rentals and worldwide airport lounge access, isn’t that awesome!?). 

One of the many tools that I found useful was the career assessments, it takes about 10-15 mins to complete, and its aim is to help us figure out what suits us best, understand what we want, identify our strengths, and provide us with development opportunities. At the end of each assessment, they provide us with a tailored guide on the most suitable workplace for us based on our results. 

Some other benefits worth mentioning are the monthly webinars provided by BGA (where we can listen to leading experts and learn from them), the online articles, events, conferences, and workshops that are all available on their website. In addition to that, they have their own mobile application, that can be installed through their website, where we can access all the career tools and learning resources wherever we are. 

As an international, world-leading association, it would be an honour to show our recruiters that we are part of such association and based on Ben’s presentation, we were told that BGA offers us authenticated digital credentials in two forms; a badge and/or a certificate, that we can purchase for a discounted price individually or, even better, a discounted bundle price for both.

I cannot express enough how fortunate we really are to have the opportunity to be part of the Business Graduate Association and I can already see how this will help me with my current studies and future life. I could probably say it will help me in my work life, but I believe that BGA provides even more than work-related services and that they also help us develop ourselves, improve and prepare us for the business lifestyle. 

After sharing with you my personal experience I would really recommend all GTK students to create their accounts as soon as possible because there are truly many benefits that will help us during our life and careers in the future!