Take advantage of the growing Erasmus opportunities at ELTE

Take advantage of the growing Erasmus opportunities at ELTE
With the new, 2023-24 Erasmus mobility calls expected to be announced in early February 2023, more than 1,200 ELTE students are likely to have the opportunity to travel abroad for study or internship (traineeship) purposes in the next academic year.  

Every February, ELTE students can choose from over 500 European and other universities where they can spend an exchange semester during the autumn or the spring semester of the following academic year. 

2-12-month long internships (traineeships) abroad (either during one’s studies or after earning one’s degree) are also available. Application for internships abroad can be submitted throughout the year.

Outgoing students receive a scholarship and their tuition fee at the chosen institution is also covered. Students can also apply for additional financial support to supplement their scholarship, which may not cover all expenses, particularly in Western European countries. The total sum received by an outgoing student, may reach 400,000 HUF per month. 

The 2023 call is expected to be announced at the beginning of February. For further information on all Erasmus-related matters visit ELTE’s Erasmus page here: Erasmus+ outgoing student mobility (elte.hu). Personal consultations and info sessions will also be organised by ELTE starting in February. 

(The full version of the text is available in Hungarian on the ELTE website. For more information on the topic visit: Outgoing mobility (elte.hu) )

Additional information for ELTE GTK students

Self-financed students may apply for both study and internship Erasmus scholarships.

Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holders may apply for the internship opportunity after earning their degree.