Summer University Course

Marketing Strategies in Digital Context
Marek Zieliński


This is a 100-level introductory course with no prerequisites.

Course description

The course helps to gain skills within area of company’s marketing management. It is also designed to provide the students with knowledge how to and formulate marketing strategy and make marketing plan.


  • Marketing management 
  • The organization environment analysis in the context of the industry 4.0
  • Marketing strategy process. Sales funnel
  • Customer’s online and offline behavior and Persona. STP Model
  • What is customer value
  • Brand building and brand position
  • Product management strategy, pricing strategy and integrate communication management

Learning outcomes

  • be familiar area of company’s marketing management
  • be able to make marketing plan
  • be able to formulate marketing strategy in digital context
  • be able to formulated 360 degrees communication strategy
  • be able brand position
  • know how build customer value


Students planning to obtain ECTS credits for the course will have to participate in the following task.

You are members of a project team entrusted with devising the strategy of a new product or service launch. Your product (service) should be embedded in new technologies and in Sustainable Development Goals. You are requested by the top management of your company to conduct a marketing setting analysis and, based on its results, to propose a marketing plan for the introduction of the new product offering.


Students should come to class ready to discuss these questions:

  1. What is VUCA?
  2. How can we define “value”?
  3. What are the differences between B2B and B2C decision making?

Essential Reading

  • Kotler, P., Kartajaya, H., & Setiawan, I. (2021). Marketing 5.0: Technology for humanity. John Wiley & Sons.

Indicative Reading

  • Håkansson, H., & Snehota, I. (Eds.). (2017). No business is an island: Making sense of the interactive business world. Emerald Group Publishing.
  • Richard H. Thaler, Cass R. Sunstein (2021), Nudge: Improving decisions about health, wealth, and happiness. Penguin Books
  • Journal of Business ResearchJournal of MarketingJournal of Business and Industrial MarketingIndustrial Marketing ManagementJournal of Personal Selling and Sales Management

Tibor Mandják is full professor of Marketing at ELTE University, Faculty of Economics. He is teaching business-to-business marketing, international marketing and research methodology and is visiting professor in several French, European and African business schools. His main fields of research are business relationships, business networks, inter-organizational issues, and port marketing. He intensively publishes in leading international journals like Industrial Marketing Management or Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.

Marek Zieliński is associate professor in the Department of Marketing Strategy at Poznań University of Economics and Business. He is cofounder of Centrum B2B, which aims to develop and distribute knowledge on marketing and sales in business-to-business context and member of Global Sales Science Institute, European Marketing Academy and Industrial Marketing and Purchasing.