Summer University Course

Patrick Meunier


Students have to have completed an introductory course in accounting/finance and marketing before taking this class.

Course description

This course is intended for students who wish to become entrepreneurs, managers as well as former students planning to launch their own enterprises. It introduces the tools and principles needed to develop a business project, evaluate its feasibility and what is required to execute it. It will synthesize the business knowledge needed to develop and implement a business idea.
The course is interactive: students are encouraged to participate and to get involved. It intends to stimulate creative thinking and ideation.


  • July 11th 2022: Principle of Entrepreneurship
    • Importance of innovation
    • What is an entrepreneur?
    • Financing your project
  • July 12th 2022: Principle of a Business Plan
    • What is a business plan?
    • How to evaluate a business plan?
    • Important marketing considerations:
      • Market potential/current market
      • Break even (B/E)
      • Exercise on B/E to submit by July 13th
  • July 13th 2022: Principle of Investment Choice
    • Correction of B/E exercise
    • Principle of Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
    • Exercise on DCF and Investment Choice
  • July 14th 2022: Bastille day and Company Finance
    • Correction of DCF exercise
    • Importance of Cash Flow
  • July 15th 2022: Valorization of a Company
    • Methodology utilized to evaluate a company
    • Class evaluation

Learning outcomes

  • understand Entrepreneurship principles and the importance of manager (innovation, causes of failure, financing a business project)
  • be able to develop, present, and evaluate a Business Plan
  • understand the principles of Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) (method largely used to evaluate the feasibility of a project and assist with investment choices)
  • understand the principles of Company Valuation (asset based valuation, market comparisons, market multipliers, and market valuation via DCF)
  • be able to persuade audiences to support your project

Class requirement

Read and learn the document: “Business Plan: Preparation, Prevention, Action”. This document was developed by the instructor.


Grading is based on class activity, some of the homeworks and a one-page assignment to evaluate a Business Plan.

Patrick Meunier is an entrepreneur who founded Biort-USA in 1998, a company which commercializes innovative technologies in the field of water purification and treatment. In cooperation with Oregon State University he developed and marketed a range of innovative products in the field of animal health care that includes alternative drugs to antibiotic and tuberculosis vaccines. This collaboration has also resulted in partnerships in China and the opening a cosmetic business called Paris Leaf, which plans to do business in Hungary as well.
He earned three degrees in the US and in France: an MBA from University of Oregon, a MS in Agricultural Economics from Oregon State University, and an Agricultural Engineering degree from Unilasalle (France). He has been advisor to the French Foreign Trade by the Prime Minister for 20 years. He has over 25 years of experience teaching in the USA and France.