Spring semester spent at GTK

Spring semester spent at GTK
An Erasmus student gives a brief personal account of her experiences at ELTE Faculty of Economics and Budapest during the spring semester of the 2022/2023 academic year.

"I studied at ELTE Faculty of Economics in Budapest during the spring semester of 2023. Preparing for the semester was quite manageable. Finding a place to live was fine and, with a little preparation, the changeover to the national currency in forint was no problem. 

I arrived about three weeks before the semester began. This gave me time to acclimatise and get to know the city before the first events. I can recommend the events organised by the ESN network at ELTE, but also, for example, the ErasmuslifeBudapest programme. It helps to get to know other people, especially at the beginning. ELTE has a sports club (BEAC) that offers a wide range of activities for students. I had the opportunity to regularly take part in swim training. The trainers were super nice and communication in English worked. The training gave me the chance to get some daily routine into my life and also to get in touch with locals. 

At my faculty, the staff at the ELTE International Office were always very friendly, responded quickly and, in my case, always found a solution to my problem. I had the opportunity to complete ten credit points at another faculty. So, I took a course on gender inequality in a global context at the Faculty of Social Sciences. My faculty offers the opportunity to finish your courses during the semester by taking midterms and collecting some bonus points during tests in the lectures. This meant that I had already completed most of my work by mid-May. This was a great way to make the most of the warmer temperatures. The exams are written in an exam centre on the computer. I also got a mentor through the university, who met with me before the semester started and always helped me quickly with questions during the semester. I would recommend taking part in this programme. Otherwise, all students who are involved in the ESN ELTE programme were always happy to help.

I would describe life in Budapest as very diverse. The Jewish quarter has an incredible number of restaurants at fair prices. If you want to go out in the evening, you'll find everything you need and, especially at the weekend, you'll be in good company. Margaret Island or a spot on the Danube became more and more hotspots towards summer. The sunsets are highly recommended. If you want to travel during your semester, you have many options. Trains were usually quite cheap. 

In conclusion, I had a fantastic time in Budapest and can recommend the city for a semester abroad. It was no problem to get around the city without knowing Hungarian, English always worked."