International admissions exams over

International admissions exams over
International applicants for the two self-financed English-language programmes offered by ELTE Faculty of Economics (ELTE GTK) took their online written and oral exams between 17 and 25 May. 

Following a one-hour written test, students were invited to an approximately 15-minute oral exam. There, students were given a chance to talk about their motivation to study at ELTE GTK and their career plans, as well as their interests. Several students expressed their wish to work for international corporations, while others said they were already planning their own future business. One student revealed that he wanted to manufacture premium quality toilet paper at a reasonable price. He will probably never go out of business!

Candidates were also asked about experience of the written exam. Most found the exam challenging and different compared to exams devised by other universities. Maths was generally expected because of the study area, whereas the exercise testing their logical thinking was considered most unusual and thought-provoking. Most applicants agreed that from the test they learnt how important time and stress management, and also problem-solving skills were in order to be successful.

In the final part of the interview applicants were invited to ask their own questions about studying at the Faculty and living in Budapest. 

Currently, the results of the written and the oral exams, as well as the submitted applications (do not forget to submit any missing documents including high school certificates and language exam results!) are being assessed by a joint team of teachers and administrators. Applications will be ranked, and a final decision will be reached. Prospective students will be notified of the Faculty’s decision by email as soon as possible to allow successful applicants to prepare for their new life in Budapest.