Doctoral Students on Erasmus Mobility at ELTE GTK

Doctoral Students on Erasmus Mobility at ELTE GTK
Two PhD students of J Selye University (Komarno, Slovakia) share their recent experience of conducting research as Erasmus students at the Faculty of Economics.  

We submitted our application for Erasmus short-term doctoral mobility in the summer semester of the final year of the doctoral school at J. Selye University. After the positive evaluation of our application, we were given the opportunity to conduct research work and gather professional experience for 1 month at the Hungarian higher education institution of our choice, Eötvös Loránd University.

During the mobility, prof. Dr. Mihály Ormos, PhD., a university lecturer at the Department of Economics of our university, who is the head of the Department of Finance and Accounting at Eötvös Loránd University and a lecturer at the university, helped us. Professor Ormos helped a lot even in navigating the huge university library. The building of the library and archives was familiar to us, as we had previously been lucky enough to spend some time here through other mobilities. This and previous acquaintances played a very important role in making us feel good and that we could work for a month in a place where familiar faces awaited us every day with big smiles and willingness to help. During this mobility period, we started each day in the University Library and Archives building, where we collected the necessary literature related to that day's topic. We did the research work from the afternoon, and we were in the library until then. During the breaks, we had time to get to know the university's staff and make friendships that could last for a long time in the future. During the mobility, we were also tasked with preparing and giving a presentation on the researched topic. Analyzing the performance was almost part of gaining experience, which contributed to making us better performers in the future. 

The mobility period proved to be extremely useful for us, as we were able to select the most suitable ones from among the newer and broader literature. The research topics were mostly focused on the topics of marketing and management. By participating in the mobility, our primary goal was to have the opportunity to do research work in a motivating environment, where a wide range of all the necessary information is available to us, and where all employees approach the students as willingly as if their primary goal was to help the students' work. We found such a place at the Faculty of Economics of the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest.

We both found mobility to be extremely useful and can only recommend it to doctoral students who also would like to try themselves in an internationally recognized environment, and who would like to improve their presentation or research skills. The time spent here gave us sufficient experience and motivation to not neglect research work in the future and to always be open to new opportunities.

Last but not least, we would like to say thank you very much to the staff of both universities without whose help this opportunity would not have been possible.

Mgr. Baša Patrik
PhDr. Csinger Bence