For ELTE FE Students

For ELTE FE Students

Dear Student,

The ELTE FE Business & Economics Summer University (BESU) this year will be held between 11 and 15 July. BESU offers one-week English-language, small-group courses. ELTE FE students are hereby invited to join the international students of the summer university. 

Please find below some important information on (1) the conditions of participation with or without payment, (2) the application process, (3) the content of the summer university, as well as which subjects in the standard curriculum can be completed in advance by taking part in the summer university.

1. Free participation is offered if the following minimum conditions are met: (a) an adequate level of English language proficiency, (b) the student must belong to the upper third of the cohort based on the scholarship-average, (c) for first-year Hungarian students only: at least 425 points obtained at the common entrance exam process. 

The following are accepted as proof of English language proficiency: advanced level English complex language exam (minimum C1 level) or intermediate (B2) language exam and a minimum of five subjects completed in English or, in the case of master’s students, an intermediate (B2) level language exam and at least three years of work experience in an English-speaking environment.

Candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be ranked and selected according to the order based on the totalised corrected credit index. If a student does not meet the conditions for free participation but there are still available places on his/her chosen course, he/she can participate in the summer university by paying a fee of HUF 99,000.

2. Applications are accepted on this platform from 23 May to 10 June. Notification about the decision will be given by 17 June. Before submitting your application, you must either register your language exam in Neptun or upload the certificate to the application surface mentioned above. You can apply to a maximum of three courses, but you can only participate in one of them.

3. By passing exams and thus obtaining grades in your summer university courses, you can fully or partially complete individual subjects in the standard curriculum. In principle, a full 3-credit course or the 2nd and 3rd midterms (in total 65 points in the offered grade system) of a 6-credit (bachelor) course can be completed through a course of the summer university.

Exams in summer university courses can be taken on the last day of BESU (Friday, 15 July) or the following Tuesday (19 July). 

The table below shows the summer university courses and provides information on which bachelor’s and (in the case of Hungarian students) master’s courses can be fulfilled by a particular BESU course.

A detailed description of each course can be found on the BESU website.

BESU Course

Replaceable Bachelor’s subject

Replaceable Master’s subject

Business Communication Skills


Negotiation or Actual Questions on… (at every degree program)

Comparative Economic Development

Economic Policy or International Political Economy (partial exemption from the 2ndand 3rd midterms)

Economic Policy or Comparative Development Economics or Actual Questions on… (at every degree program)

Corporate Financial Analysis – An Integrated Approach

Investment and Financing (partial exemption from the 2ndand 3rd midterms)

Corporate Financial Analysis or Actual Questions on… (at every degree program)

Entrepreneurship: What Do You Need to Know?

Leadership and Organizational Studies (partial exemption from the 2nd and 3rd midterms)

Actual Questions on… (at every degree program)

International Business Networks

Marketing Communication (partial exemption from the 2ndand 3rd midterm)

Interorganizational and Service Marketing or Actual Questions on… (at every degree program)

Managerial Accounting: Information in Business Decision-making

Management Accounting (partial exemption from the 2ndand 3rd midterm)

Cost Management I. or Actual Questions on… (at every degree program)

Marketing Strategies in Digital Context

Online Marketing

Online Marketing and Analytics or Actual Questions on… (at every degree program)

M&A Advisory in Practice

International Financial Management (partial exemption from the 2nd and 3rdmidterm)

Finances of Multinational Corporations or Actual Questions on… (at every degree program)



Negotiation or Actual Questions on… (at every degree program)

Strategic Brand Management

Marketing II. (partial exemption from the 2nd and 3rdmidterm)

Brand Management or Actual Questions on… (at every degree program)

BESU courses will only be accepted as completed regular courses if you were continuously present during the classes and successfully passed the exam at the end of the course. Evidence of successful completion will be provided in the form of a transcript, which you will have to submit together with a credit transfer request to the Student Affairs and Registrar’s Office of the Faculty of Economics by the end of the registration period. (Your grade will equal the grade you earned at BESU.) 

To replace a 2nd and 3rd midterm, you will have to present your BESU certificate to your course instructor before the 2nd midterm. In this case, instead of receiving the points from the last two midterms and the extra points you could earn in class, your score obtained up to that date will be increased by the percentage equivalent of the result of the BESU exam. 100% equals 65 points. 

Best regards:
Gábor Forrai