ELTE First Class Scholarship

ELTE First Class Scholarship

ELTE First Class Scholarship is applicable for all students of the ELTE GTI studying in Budapest, so it is also open for students of our MA programmes, students whose tuition is financed by the state, including students of BSc in Engineering Management.

BA programmes

  • International Economics, 
  • Business Administration and Management, 
  • Finance and Accounting, 
  • Commerce and Marketing,
  • Engineering Management

MA programmes

  • Leadership and Management, 
  • Finance, 
  • International Economy and Finance, 
  • Accounting,
  • Marketing,
  • MBA

In order to earn the scholarship students must have advanced level English language exam (C1 complex or equivalent).

For BA students to be eligible all the criteria of the Business Class Scholarship must be met, and in addition students must have at least 425 admission points and belong to the best third of the class based on grades. For MA students there is no criteria based on admission results but students must be in among the best third in class.

ELTE First Class Scholarship also covers the fees ELTE Business Economics Summer University organized during the summer break, so we suggest to apply for the scholarship for those students who plan to attend. This support is a substantial part of the scholarship. Professors of our international partner universities give lectures in English during the Summer University, the courses can be attended by international students as well.