ELTE Business Class Scholarship

ELTE Business Class Scholarship

ELTE Business Class Scholarship is applicable for full time students studying in Budapest in the following BA programmes of ELTE GTI: International Economics, Business Administration and Management, Finance and Accounting, Commerce and Marketing; who have an active semester and finance their studies themselves.

The support of ELTE Business Class Scholarship is HUF 120,000 in each semester. To earn the scholarship for the first two semesters students must have minimum 375 admission points and an intermediate level language exam in English (B2 complex, or equivalent secondary school graduation result).

For further semesters there are further criteria to be met. From the third semester these include:

  • no arrear in studies (maximum 10 credit) and at least 3.5 average results,
  • advanced level English language exam (C1 complex, or equivalent),
  • some of the subject must be accomplished in English,
  • some subjects of the Elective Active block must be accomplished.
  • other extracurricular activities (community, science, arts, sports, etc.).

Based on these criteria the scholarship can be earned and lost each semester. Students can join any semester during their studies if they meet the criteria, and those who dropped out can re-acquire the Scholarships.